PES 2021: 6 Reasons Why It'll Be A FIFA-Beater

Could this finally be the year?


Many fans may remember the glory days of Pro Evolution Soccer. The likes of PES 6 live long in the memory with many fans hoping for a return to those days. But for the last decade or so FIFA has dominated when it comes to video games based on the beautiful game.

However, in recent years FIFA's popularity has been dwindling. This is in large part thanks to the Ultimate Team game-mode becoming a bit of a cash cow and the frankly horrible server issues.

Konami has capitalised on FIFA's fall and have began making huge improvements to PES in recent years. Where as before they were mocked for lack of liscensing, they now have exclusive rights to some of the worlds biggest times like Juventus. This is just one of many things the franchise have improved in recent times.

With it improving every year for about the past 3 years or so, now could finally be Pro Evolution Soccer's time to once again become the world's premier football game and finally take the crown from EA's FIFA.

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