PlayStation 25th Anniversary Quiz - How Well Do You Remember Sony's First Console?

25 years. 25 questions. How is your memory of the console that changed gaming forever?


The original Playstation was the first games console to ever sell more than 100 million units worldwide. Sales figures have since been eclipsed by two of its successors, but neither would've been possible if their predecessor hadn't completely reshaped the gaming landscape.

Initially developed after a dispute between Nintendo and Sony arose over the latter's production of a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), it pioneered groundbreaking features like CD-based games, full motion video and 3D graphics, putting a huge dent in Nintendo and Sega's longstanding dominance of the industry.

Much of the console's success can be attributed to Sony's decision to make games development accessible for third party companies rather than keeping the process almost exclusively in-house as their competitors did. This resulted in a vast array of iconic franchises from the likes of Konami, Capcom and Namco making their debut on the console, many of which continue to thrive to this day.

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary in Japan just before Christmas, and with its equivalent birthday looming in both North America and Europe over the coming months, what better way to celebrate the Playstation's legacy than a 25 question quiz about the hardware and the games that it spawned?

1. How Many Crash Bandicoot Games Were Released On The Console?





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