Pokémon - All Main Games Ranked From Worst To Best

The best titles from one of the most iconic game series ever.

Pokémon is one of the most iconic video game series of all time. First introduced to the world outside Japan in 1996, the popular role-playing games became an international sensation, and millions of gamers worldwide have since fallen in love with the games. For almost twenty years, Game Freak and The Pokémon Company have been developing these exciting games and its many spin-offs, primarily for Nintendo€™s gaming products. From the original Game Boy to the 3DS, there have been Pokémon games for every single major Nintendo gaming device. The Pokémon games have all been among the greatest games ever created, but not all of them have been stellar. Each generation of games has included a lot of positives as well as a handful of negatives, from technical issues, to graphics, to multiplayer options to in-game balancing issues. So even though each new addition to the ever-growing series has been meet with positive overview overall (because Nintendo really put a lot of work into making immersive games), some games fall short when compared to their earlier or later counterparts. This article will rank all of the €˜main€™ Pokémon games (i.e. the RPGs that require you go capture Pokémon, collect gym badges, etc.) from worst to best. Some games will be ranked together as generations, while some will be individual entries. Games will be ranked based on an overall combination of positives and negatives, how many changes they brought to gameplay mechanics, and how much replayability they had as stand-alone games.
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