Pokemon Black and White Coming October 7th

Good news for fans who ate up Game Freak's last traditional Pokemon release.

"The next two Pokémon games will launch for DS on October 7," says Nintendo. Good news for fans who ate up Game Freak's last traditional Pokemon release. Pokemon Black and White collectively sold more than 14 million units according to vgchartz. The two title's successors have sold more than 1.6 million units within their first 2 days in Japan alone. This information should come as no surprise to a franchise worth more than a billion dollars. The success of Pikachu and his gang of mutant friends is expected after the release of the series' 13th and 14th titles respectively. All in all we can expect many more years of catching more of those little buggers. Nintendo also plans to release 'Pokémon Dream Radar', a new 3DS app you can buy and use to catch and transfer Pokémon with the 3DS's camera. The title sounds a tad bit reminiscent of Pokemon's forlorn Pokemon Snap series. It stresses the use of the 3DS's camera which has not seen much positive press regarding its implementation on the handheld. It can only be assumed that Nintendo has heard their critics' call and has put forth efforts to improve the camera's usage in the new release. Nonetheless, Nintendo can expect monster sales as the new title promises connectivity with Pokemon Black and White 2 who's current success acts a solid reminder of the franchise's industrial might. The plans to further the series through the use of app-to-app connectivity are what Nintendo has proven it can do quite well with releases such as Mario Kart DS on their original two-screen-toting handheld and a myriad of others.
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