Pokémon Is Coming To Universal Studios Japan

Will we soon be able to see Pikachu alongside Mario in Japan?

Pokemon Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan and Pokémon Co. Ltd have announced the iconic company's will be teaming up for medium to long term projects.

Universal Studios Japan, which this year opened Super Nintendo World, are joining forces with one of the biggest names in the gaming world. Pokémon and Universal Studios Japan will be teaming up to create "multiple development projects" in the park.

The partnership is exciting news for both fans of the theme park and Pokémon, with the pair promising "new dimension of theme park experience... combining outstanding creative creativity and world-class entertainment technology."


The duo haven't yet revealed the different kinds of experiences we can expect, but they did suggest that we are tantalising close to an announcement with the first "release" coming in 2022.

Universal Parks have already proven that they can create immersive entertainment experiences with both The Wizarding World of Harry Potter found across the world and of course Super Nintendo World.


Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World opened this March and allows guests to go through a green pipe straight into the world of the Mario Bros. You can race with a ride on Mario Kart Koopa's Challenge, join Yoshi on an adventure and play interactive games with a Power-Up Band.


At the moment there's no news as to whether Pokémon will be heading to Universal's like Super Nintendo World will be. Could Universal Orlando Resort's under construction Epic Universe be the perfect place to catch Pikachu?

What kind of Pokémon entertainment would you like to see at Universal Studios Japan when it arrives in 2022?

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