Pokémon Sword & Shield: 10 Pokémon You Won't Believe Aren't In The Game

Gotta catch 'em all? Not anymore.

Mewtwo Sword Shield

It feels like for every article that can be written about how excited we all are for Pokémon Sword and Shield, there's another two or three that need to address our concerns. "It's the franchise's first proper open-world title!" we exclaim, while at the same time raising an eyebrow at some of the graphical issues and gameplay features.

This should be a time for mass celebration amongst the Pokémon community and, while it still is, there's a little asterisk hanging over everything. Sword and Shield should be the best thing to ever happen to the games... we hope.

Yesterday news broke of the full Pokédex finally being released for the game, with rumours that over half of the known creatures were being cut to save both development time and disc space. It's understandable, of course, as we've seen all too well what happens when developers try to do too much too quickly, but... this is Pokémon... it's supposed to have all the Pokémon in it.

Hopefully, we get a game (and brand new Pokémon) that renders this a small gripe but, until then, jaws are going to hit floors when you hear who's missing from Sword and Shield.

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