Pokémon Sword & Shield: Where It Should Go From Here

How Game Freak Tend To Handle Advancement Of The Formula


Often, what brings Game Freak’s beloved series forward is a steady stream of quality of life changes. When TMs became items with unlimited uses, it was hardly revolutionary, but it was so darn important at the same time.

That’s also true of the Special stat being divided into Special Attack and Special Defense, or moves’ physical or special nature no longer being tied to their typing. These are the sorts of changes that Sun and Moon implemented (the Ride Pager replacing the HM system was far more convenient), a trend that Sword and Shield followed too.

Generation VIII didn’t throw out the rulebook and completely revitalise everything Pokémon is, but it definitely underlined a few passages in said rulebook and made snarky annotations above them.

The ability to access the Pokémon Boxes right from the main menu, have the Name Rater/Move Reminder right there in any Pokémon Center and so on are also very subtle steps forward, but crucial ones nonetheless. For competitive players, who can now instantly max out a Pokémon’s EVs with Vitamins and level them up with Exp. Candies, this is definitely the most convenient and user-friendly that the franchise has ever been.

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