Portal 2: 4 Reasons Why We Still Play

Portal 2 was released nearly a year and a half ago, and it's still going strong. Many people, including some of us at What Culture still keep it in our list of common games to play and here's a look at some reasons why.

4. New People Are Still Discovering It

While sales for Portal 2 aren't as strong as they were when the game came out back in April 2011, there's still people discovering it all the time, especially thanks to Valve's habit of offering discount coupons to steam users who have the game already that can be passed onto friends that don't. As more people talk their friends into trying it out, they're likely to play a bit to show it off and give them an idea of what the game is all about. There's nothing to get one back into a game that hasn't been played in awhile like the question "how do I get past ____ in chamber ____?". Once those new friends have played through the main campaign they're incredibly likely to move onto...

3. Co-op Mode Is Fun As All Get Out

From the cool cuteness of Atlas and Peabody to the incredibly frustrating but rewarding tasks of getting through chambers that require four Portals, the co-op mode offers up a a two player experience that no other game does. The goofy dance gestures and hats add a fun bit of flavor to the mix. The complexity of figuring out how to place portals correctly and get things just right to get to the next test chamber can stretch out a co-op session from one hour to two or more without losing the fun factor. It takes awhile get through all 6 courses (which total up to 48 chambers) and once that's done, it can still be fun to run through them again with another friend. Once a players gets tired of all all those chambers there's still more fun to be had because...
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