Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

Will Konami's football sim finally triumph over FIFA?

PES 2020

As domestic football leagues all enter a new season, another kind of rivalry is being renewed off the pitch.

Konami and EA have been trading blows with their Pro Evo and FIFA series for decades now, and while there is only one dominant franchise these days, the other has still managed to maintain a dedicated following - one eager to reiterate their chosen series' credentials even while the world obsesses over 'Ultimate Teams' and minor innovations.

This is, of course, Pro Evolution Soccer. Konami's answer to FIFA has constantly struggled to convince mainstream audiences to part with their coveted licenses to try something a little more in depth, and it's even more likely that the same story will play out once again this year. However, although that may be the case, the latest iteration in the series (eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020), has mounted the most compelling case yet for FIFA players to opt for something a little different.

Both franchises have their own issues, but Konami's newest effort offers a genuinely enjoyable footballing experience that boasts depth, style and serious potential. Here's how it holds up...

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