PS Vita: Ten Best UK Launch Titles

We present the ten biggest and best launch titles for Sony's brand new handheld console launch.

With Sony's brand new PS Vita launching today, gamers will be keen to find out which titles they can pick up from launch to try out the capabilities of their new handheld console, so we thought it useful to look at the very best titles that gamers will be able to pick up with their Vitas from today. With around 30 titles to choose from on launch, there is more than enough depth in choice to satisfy even the most cynical of commenters, and for once it seems those who choose to buy the console early won't be left kicking their heels until the really good showcase titles arrive on the market. So, without further ado, here are the ten best games released on the Vita, with their launch trailers...

1. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Developer: SCE Bend Studio Publisher: Sony CE Rather than simply recycle recent titles and port them over to the new console, Sony have welcomed the Vita to the market with its own exclusives, and Golden Abyss stands out as one of the hottest. Set before Drake's Fortune, and overseen by Naughty Dog, the game has already received a lot of impressive reviews and picked up Best Mobile Game before it was even released at last year's Gamescom. If you only buy one game on the Vita, it should probably be this one. But please don't only buy one. Buy it here.

2. WipeOut 2048

Developer: Studio Liverpool Publisher: Sony CE Definitely the first title that really grabbed my attention when the Vita was announced, or at least as soon as the game was released, the release of WipeOut 2048 not only offers gamers a return to the highest of high-octane futuristic racers, but also mirrors the launch release of WipeOut on the original Playstation console. The game itself is fantastically fun, and it's all aided by the crossplay function, which means players can compete against PS3 users who own Wipeout HD. The show off. Buy it here.

3. FIFA Football

Developer: EA Sports Publisher: Electronic Arts Not content with dominating the console market on release late last year, EA Sports have now turned their attention to the handheld market and the Vita launch, albeit with a brand new, chronologically ignorant title (presumably the next one will feature either a numeric or a year). This being EA Sports, the presentation and gameplay are typically slick, and best of all, the new touch-screen shooting mechanic works a treat. Buy it here.

4. Rayman Origins

Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier Publisher: Ubisoft The console version that was released late last year should have sold more, and it probably would have if Ubisoft had released it in a different window - but the game itself was a joy, reannouncing Rayman for fans who might have been distracted by the rise of the Rabbids, and bringing back the simplest joys of Ubisoft's flag-ship platformer. This Vita relaunch of the title might give the game some of the exposure it really deserves, and there really is no excuse to ignore it a second time around. Buy it here.

5. Everybody's Golf

Developer: Clap Hanz Publisher: Sony CE Golf, only without the po-faced realism and seriousness of Tiger Woods (both the game and the man) - Everybody's Golf on the Vita scratches the same cartoony crazy golf itch that has made it a fan favourite. Buy it here.

6. Virtua Tennis 4

Developer: Sega Publisher: Sega Solid, dependable and entertaining: the three pillars of Virtua Tennis' longevity and success across multiple platforms. It might not be the best Virtua Tennis title, and the recent arrival of EA Sports' Grand Slam tennis might well have Sega looking over their shoulders, but it's a great way to play tennis on the Vita, and it is still hugely enjoyable. Buy it here.

7. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Definitely superior to the augmented reality combat-fun of Reality Fighters, and thus the best option for fight fans on launch, Ultimate MVC3 is an entertaining, deep experience, that will at least allow new players the opportunity to potentially win some bouts online, since the chance of lasting more than a few bruising seconds on the console versions with the online veterans is slim to say the least. Buy it here.

8. Escape Plan

Developer: Fun Bits Interactive Publisher: Sony CE Not all of the Vita's launch titles come with a hefty price-tag, and Escape Plan - along with MotorStorm RC - arrives at the very reasonable price-point of just £9.99. It is a download only title, but this slick, innovative puzzler should not be cast aside in favour of the more prestigious looking retail, because it is an unadulterated joy to play, full of humour and cleverly employing many of the new features Vita boasts. A definite contender for the best-looking game released on launch as well. Download only.

9. Little Deviants

Developer: Bigbig Studios Publisher: SCEA Little Deviants isn't the deepest gaming experience you're ever likely to have on this new console, but it is a lot of fun nonetheless for fans of the shallower side of gaming. With most of the launch titles aimed squarely at the 18-25 year old male hardcore, it's nice to see something that consciously resists the trend and offers something to simply entertain more casual players. Buy it here.

10. Lumines: Electronic Symphony

Developer: Q Entertainment Publisher: Ubisoft Like a more trippy, psychedelic update of Tetris, Q Entertainment's puzzler is the perfect partner for the new handheld gaming experience. And it is addictive as hell. Buy it here. Stick around on WhatCulture for reviews of some of these launch titles in the next few days...


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