PS2 Mini: 20 Games It MUST Include

Get it right this time, Sony.


Sure, it hasn’t been announced yet, but given that Sony was willing to put together a PS1 Classic, it only seems logical that they would further attempt to capitalize on the plug-n-play console trend by releasing a miniaturized version of the highest selling video game console of all time, the PS2.

As we all know, the PlayStation Classic was a bit of a flop; it was overpriced, the software lineup was curious at best, and it had a few weird performance issues stemming from the questionable use of inferior PAL roms. Yet, the concept is still pretty solid, and Nintendo’s rehashed NES and SNES consoles sold so well that they quite literally couldn’t keep them on store shelves.(but that’s partially due to Nintendo’s bafflingly inadequate ability to meet consumer demand).

A PlayStation 2 Classic seems inevitable, but when will it release, and what exactly will be on it?

While the former question is difficult to answer - thanks in part to their sudden divergence from the E3 conference - the latter may be even harder. There were so many great games on the PS2 that it would be tough to narrow it down to just twenty… but that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

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