PS4: 10 Best Console Exclusives You Need To Play


ratchet and clank

For a very long time, the PS4 sold like gangbusters on the back of a staggeringly weak selection of exclusives. And while this lack of titles didn't hurt its sales figures in any way, it made owning the console feel almost redundant, as you could play most of its best games elsewhere.

It wasn't until 2015 when things began shifting up a gear, and in 2016, Sony's machine is looking much, much better. Games like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End brought the AAA thrills and indie-standouts like Firewatch managed to fill those smaller, no less important voids. The PS4's lineup is now incredibly diverse, and a force to be reckoned with.

It's showing no signs of slowing down either. Thanks to many of Sony's first-party studios - Bend, Santa Monica, Polyphony - finally laying their cards on the table, we've now got dozens of tailor-made PS-experiences on the horizon, on top of the strong selection we can play right now.

So with things looking better than ever for Sony's flagship product, there's never been a better time to assess its bevy of exclusive offerings. Here are ten of the greatest PS4 console exclusives that you must play!


(Just a quick sidenote - these games are only console-exclusive to the PS4, meaning they could also appear on PS Vita or PC).

10. Killzone Shadow Fall

ratchet and clank
Guerrilla Games

The PS4 didn't exactly ship with the broadest selection of launch titles, but a couple of them have held up surprisingly well. Killzone Shadow Fall was among them, and if you're looking to get your first-person shooter fix exclusively on the PS4, there's no better option for you.

The biggest factor contributing to Shadow Fall's success is, funnily enough, how it differs from other entries in the series. Killzone has traditionally been drab, murky and linear in its level design and environments but Shadow Fall brought a much needed splash of colour and freedom to proceedings, and it helped the series stay fresh.

This aside, it's fairly standard stuff, with all the shooting, stabbing and explosions you'd expect from a mainstream action title. But standard isn't a bad thing - Shadow Fall's mechanics are fine-tuned to perfection, and when you combine the gameplay with the beautiful graphics and non-linear level design, you're left with an FPS that doesn't always bend to the whims of the genre.


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