PS4: 15 Cool Tips, Tricks & Secrets You Must Try

Think you've seen everything Sony's baby has to offer?

Thanks to being out for just over a year, fans have put together quite the list of sought-after features they want Sony to implement into the PS4 going forward, but that doesn't account for all the little-known tips, tricks and secrets already out there yet to become common knowledge. Chances are you remember Microsoft's monumental failure of a reveal back in 2013, but in amongst all the hoopla surrounding voice-activated TV channels and sports games was a strong focus on hammering home the idea of the Kinect 'revolutionising your living room'.

Instead what ended up tanking the Xbox ship wasn't just that missed-mark introduction to the tech, but the fact that when consumers got their hands on it, it just didn't work. Sony instead opted to play it safe, focussing on the tried n' true elements of the industry that they knew people held dear, like a strong game library and fan-pleasing advertising. In doing so although the PS4 is a processing powerhouse, there's been a move away from showcasing the more fancier tricks under the hood that easily make the machine even more special.

It's time to change that, and introduce the wider world to the huge array of things possible right now. Just for fun: Give yourself a starting score of zero and add a point every time you already knew something - then let us know in the comments how well you were already acquainted with Sony's flagship console.

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