PS4 Avengers Sales SKYROCKET After Spider-Man Exclusive Deal

So much for the boycott.

Spider-Man PS4

Sony and Square Enix are currently experiencing Internet backlash to the announcement that Spider-Man will be an exclusive hero for the PS4 edition of the game, but that hasn't translated into a successful boycott or fewer sales. In fact, if sales data from Amazon UK is anything to go on, the announcement has had the opposite effect.

Picked up by a user on the PS4 Reddit, the day following the announcement saw Marvel's Avengers shoot up the Amazon charts. Pre order sales for the base version apparently shot up 188%, while the deluxe edition saw a 133% increase. No drastic uptick in sales was reported on other platforms.


It once again proves that while Sony's exclusivity plans may prove unpopular with a vocal portion of gamers, ultimately it's the right move in terms of their bottom line. As the old saying goes as well, all press is good press, and alongside those simply wanting to play as Spider-Man, the fact that this week has been dominated by people talking about the PS4 version of Marvel's Avengers will no doubt have increased awareness of the game massively.

Will you be picking up Marvel's Avengers on PS4? Let us know in the comments.


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