Xbox One Vs. PS4: Should You Even Bother?

xboxone vs ps4 Originally this article was going to have the cynical title of "PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Who Deserves Your Money," but since every man and his dog has already been hooting their opinion on the matter, with a greater or lesser degree of bias, I wanted to look into whether it's actually worth the time and money to get either at this stage. So, whilst some articles are aimed at swaying you in one direction or the other, this one exists to have you questioning whether the rush is even worth it. I€™m a long way from the first to offer this sentiment, of course, which says a lot in its own right. On the other hand, if you do want to know which console to buy, I probably can't help you there anyway. Psychologically, chances are that you already know which one you really desire and you're just after some affirmation that you have made the right decision so you can rationalise doling out all that cash. Well, that€™s okay: the correct choice is the one you want. Excellent, well done - now scurry off to give Sonrosoft your money. If you are still unsure, flip a coin, maybe. Or you could perhaps just read on and see what happens...

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