PS5: 10 CONFIRMED Console Details You Need To Know

Sony have FINALLY detailed their plans for the next-generation.


After months - if not years - of speculation surrounding Sony's next step in the console space, the gaming giant has finally revealed its plans for the next-generation. It didn't come in a grand press release or a PlayStation Experience event fuelled by millions of dollars, but rather from an exclusive sit-down with the PS4 and PS5 architect, Mark Cerny.

A journalist from Wired was flown out to Sony's headquarters in order to talk to the developer, who openly revealed that, yes, Sony are hard at work on their next console, and they're aiming for a "revolution", rather than an "evolution" of the platform.

More than just acknowledging that the next-gen is coming though (much like Microsoft did at E3 last year) Cerny actually dove deep into some of the PS5's capabilities, features and specs.

It's a confident move from the console maker, and certainly a turn for the books when it comes how these things are usually announced, but finally we know - officially and straight from the horse's mouth - what kind of machine the Playstation 5 is going to be.

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