PS5: 10 Features It MUST Have

10. Backwards Compatibility (With PS4 Games At LEAST)

Red Dead Redemption 2 Valentine Heist

A major talking point this generation, the PS4 was the first Sony system to not allow backwards compatibility with the previous generation out the box. Even the PS3 had a limited run of systems that could emulate PS2 and PS1 games across the first few months on sale.

Sony's response on PS4 was that "people don't play old games", and though that mostly holds true sales-wise, Microsoft introduced backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, and it was welcomed with open arms. Clearly there's a love for an entire legacy of past titles, regardless of which generation they're on, and after Call of Duty: Black Ops II became available on the Xbox One's list, it surprisingly re-appeared on the overall sales chart.

This is besides the point, as though there's clearly a business reality to marketing older titles, being able to continually play everything you've amassed across years' worth of life as a gamer is a huge plus to any new system. Yes, we like to look to the future and present, but gamers are a staunchly loyal breed, and we like to access all our favourites whenever the need arises.

You can bet whatever the new Xbox is will launch with full backwards compatibility across Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Simply put:

Sony would be just plain stupid not to include this out the box.

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