PS5: 10 Games It MUST Have

10. Starfield


There is already a whirlwind of excitement surrounding Bethesda's upcoming space epic.

Starfield will cast gamers into an RPG the likes of which we might not have seen before, and the potential for it to be an all-time great is huge.

Any game coming from the developers of giants in the gaming world like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls deserves attention. A game coming from those with a potential for a PS5 release deserves even more attention.

The sheer power and scope the PS5 is going to have on offer should ensure that Starfield is not confined to a game which is dependant on its PC audience.

Hurtling through space and pretty much doing as you please as you explore different planets and develop your character sounds perfect.

This is one of Bethesda's biggest and most dedicated projects. Expect it to be close to being an absolute master-piece.

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