PS5: 4 Ups & 4 Downs After 4 Months

What have we learned since last November?

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What an absolute trip the ninth generation of consoles has been so far.

We had an incredible launch from Sony, rewarding players with all-time great exclusives like Astro Bot and Demon's Souls, while Xbox essentially stood to the side, planning a masterful hand they'd finally play across the start of 2021.

I'll get to the Xbox side of things in an accompanying article, but for now let's talk PlayStation.

As it stands, are you happy with your purchase? Have you even been able to pick one up? Has Sony's approach to things like monthly freebies, exclusives and even hardware innovation like haptic feedback been satisfactory?

Turn the clocks back to the dawn of the eighth generation and we largely had the same issues. The harsh reality of older tech forcing the bar to stay low, while we wonder - £500 lighter financially - whether things would've been better waiting another year anyway.

With the industry at large still reeling from the horrors of 2020, it's worth taking a look back at the PS5's first four months, to see what worked, and where Sony go from here.

Honourable Mention: Stock Unavailability

Demons souls
Bluepoint Games

An issue stemming from a variety of factors including record-setting demand and a global semiconductor shortage, many have spent the last few months simply trying to get a PS5 or Series console at all.

Sadly it doesn't seem like this will meaningfully change across 2021, but at least you have an excuse to play through your backlog.

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