PS5 February Reveal: 9 Major Rumours You Need To Know

Do we finally have a confirmed price point, launch game line-up and release date?


Recently, a 'leak' concerning a PlayStation 5 official reveal event emerged over on 4chan. Amongst the lengthy list of information concerning the big unveiling were launch game line-up, tech specs, price point and release date. Since then, the post was deleted but has since re-emerged over on Reddit.

Of course, with both a new Xbox and PlayStation console dropping this year, the internet is rife with rumours, leaks and, oddly, developers casually letting info slip (aka Mark Cezny's Wired interview). With that said, all reveals should be taken with a grain of salt until something official is released.

In addition, the source behind the leak is from an unknown forum poster, not historically the most reliable place to siphon solid information. It doesn't help that the 'leak' reads more like a wishlist, and it claims Sony will take the PS5 to E3, something which has since been blatantly contradicted by Sony themselves.

Yet, the plot has thickened. The leaker also claimed Sony's marketing buzzword for the console, and their brand as a whole going forward will be "It's time to play". Lo and behold, Sony has just unveiled their new slogan on twitter and it is exactly that.

This has suddenly re-ignited the intrest in said info. It has proven to have some truth to it, so there's no better time to sift through the information and examine its validity...


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