PS5: Predicting Every Launch Video Game

Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 being there day one isn't as wacky as it sounds...

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

We might be yet to see what the console actually looks like, but we do know when we'll be able to get our hands on the Playstation 5: Holiday 2020.

Now that the release date is locked in, fans can finally get properly excited about the next generation being ushered in. Better yet, we can finally start figuring out which games early adopters are actually going to be enjoying when Sony's console debuts.

Unlike Microsoft, which has confirmed that Halo: Infinite will be its first next-gen flagship title, Sony has remained quiet on the software that will compliment its hardware over the first few months.

That doesn't mean fans don't know anything though, as the release window combined with interviews, job listings and a good dose of common sense has made it easier than ever to deduce which major titles are in the pipeline to drop late next year.

From major third-party titles to hotly anticipated sequels, there's a good chance that most of the following games will be fighting for your attention when the PS5 rolls around.


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