PS5 Tips & Tricks: 9 Things You Didn't Know It Could Do

Turn the system on using Spotify??


After years of reveals, teases and gameplay demos, the PlayStation 5 is finally here.

A robust, ludicrously fast-loading piece of kit that retroactively makes the majority of your existing library run smoother - alongside delivering titles like Demon's Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales - there's a lot to enjoy.

Thankfully I've had the pleasure of reviewing the unit for the last few weeks (the coverage of which you can find both here and on our Youtube channel), and there's a ton to break down. Sony have created something that takes the best parts of the PS4's user experience, before adding an all-new "Activities" system comprising "Cards" that dynamically generate things to see and do.

The latter for me is the secret sauce, and the gateway for so many players to see 100% of all their titles, mopping up Trophies as they go.

As is always the case after spending a considerable amount of focused time with a piece of tech though, you pick up all sorts of hidden tips, tricks and features that are worth sharing.

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