Quiz: Can You Name The Video Game From These Insane Glitches?

Nightmare fuel.


Even the most polished and well-crafted of video games can't avoid shipping without a glitch or two, and while most of these bugs are easily forgiven and quickly forgotten, every so often a glitch materialises that's so peculiar, and perhaps so disturbing, that it burns itself into your memory.

In the age of social media, insane gaming glitches go viral on a daily basis, allowing everyone to poke fun at a game that allowed an embarrassing bug to sneak through the testing period - if it was even tested at all, that is.

Sometimes glitches are transformative enough that you might not even recognise the game they came from, and so, can you name these video games from their ridiculous, physics-defying, and sometimes straight-up horrifying glitches?

From janky character models to invisible objects, and maps failing to load how they should, these are some of the most wonderfully weird bugs you're ever likely to see.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. Which Video Game Is It?

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