Quiz - How Well Do You Remember South Park: The Stick Of Truth 5 Years On?

Don't ask why Kenny wanted to be a chick, that's just how he seems to be rolling right now.

South Park The Stick of Truth E3 2012 Trailer

South Park has been part of Comedy Central's line-up for more than 20 years and for the longest time, fans have wanted a faithful recreation of their beloved adults-only cartoon. Results have ranged from the uninspired (South Park Rally) to the downright abysmal (South Park: The Game)

Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to step in and do what they hadn't done for any previous game: actually take an active role in making one. The result was a project called The Stick of Truth, and it was clear from the first announcement trailer that this was going to be something special. Releasing in 2014 to widespread acclaim, the comedic story, gameplay and fully realized open-world (including a glorious 16-bit rendition of Canada) quickly heralded it as one of the best RPGs of the decade.

The journey of the New Kid, or Douchebag, saw him travel South Park to make alliances with the Kingdom of Kula Keep and the Drow Elves, and saving the town from the childhood game of fantasy, and very real threats of anal probing aliens among others.

5 years on, it has remained a classic in the field of TV-based video games. But how well do you remember the epic adventure?

Answers at the end!

1. How Many Chinpokomon Are There To Collect?


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