Ranking Every Dark Souls 2 Boss From Worst To Best

Does the worst in the trilogy have anything worth remembering?

Dark souls 2 ancient dragon

Dark Souls 2 was a great game burdened by a lofty predecessor. If given any other name and sold under any other pretence, it's likely that the game would be heralded as one of 2014's best. However, when considered as a sequel to the flawed masterpiece that is Dark Souls, the cracks start to show. And that fact is no clearer, than when you look at the boss list.

Boasting some forty-one bosses, the game manages to outdo every other Souls game in the sheer amount of encounters on hand, but that doesn't do the game any favours. For every great boss the game seems to have, there are far too many mediocre, lazy and downright terrible ones to count. Though, I am going to rank them all. All 41.

Whilst difficulty does stand as an operative factor in the ranking, lore, boss arena, atmosphere and overall quality measure in equal standing. A boss can be incredibly difficult, but still, stand as an absolutely terrible experience.

From bosses that were ripped straight from Dark Souls and some that get repeated across its own runtime, to those that are actually the series' finest and everything else in between, here is my ranking of all forty-one bosses in Dark Souls 2, from worst to best...


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