Ranking Every Dark Souls Boss From Worst To Best

Half-naked spider-women, wolves with swords - only in Dark Souls...

Dark souls bosses

If there is one thing that Dark Souls if famous for beyond the brutal and unrelenting difficulty, it's the boss battles. Some of these bosses themselves not only stand as great characters within the confines of the game, but also as some of the most tactile, engaging and all-round best boss battles from the history of gaming as a medium.

However, for every great fight that sees you matching blows through fairness and deployable strategy, there are some pretty gnarly counterparts. And whilst none of the bosses in Dark Souls can be heralded as terrible in the grand scheme of things, there are a few bad apples when compared to the other terrifying demons that infest the land of Lordran and Drangleic.

It's important to note that the list is ranked by quality, not difficulty. Whilst difficulty is a major factor in boss quality, there is also lore, design, and the overall impact they can provide. There are twenty-six bosses across all three main Dark Souls' games - including the DLC, of course - so let's get to providing a definitive ranking.

Let me know your own worsts and bests in the comments below!

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