Ranking Every Dead Rising Psychopath From Worst To Best

Who's your favourite nutjob?

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The Dead Rising series is renowned for its over the top characters, weapons and general tongue-in-cheek approach to just about everything.

This is none more apparent than in its colourful roster of psychopaths across the franchise, from killer clowns, escaped convicts, PTSD suffering war veterans, somewhat overly patriotic families and everything in between...

And that's just the first game.

What makes them [subjectively] great is the variety of psycho on display and how you take them out. Motorbike riding, fistfights atop tanks, petrol bombs and threats of nightsticks in uncomfortable places, they're all here.

Although I say subjectively, some of them can be an absolute nightmare to fight if you're not expecting to wander into one. Bringing a knife to a weaponised jeep fight, for example, is never going to bode well.

But it's the characters behind the fight that make it memorable. Capcom love pushing absurd boundaries at times, as some of these are complete p*sstakes of real-world stereotypes we've seen across movies over the years.

This isn't a straightforward ranking on difficulty, but also where these weirdos stand out in terms of rememberable nutter.

So consider this your painful trip down memory lane, from all of fourteen years ago, as we look at the boss fights that made this series as wacky as it is.

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