Ranking Every Devil May Cry From Worst To Best

Yup, even that one.

Devil May Cry

There's something about Devil May Cry that's always been downright loveable. The red trenchcoat and albino hair, the overblown stylistic tone, the one-liners, the fact Dante makes a point of walking up to any-sized boss and insulting them to their various faces. It was instantly treasured from moment one.

Now, 18 years later (yes, really) the series is bonafide gaming royalty, responsible for kickstarting an entire genre of Spectacle Fighter that includes everything from God of War to Bayonetta, NieR: Automata to Metal Gear Rising. Even Platinum Games was founded by ex-Capcom devs determined to carry forward this sensibility into an entire run of passionate titles, purpose-built to exude the most insanely fun characteristics in gameplay and cutscene.

Back to DMC though, and the franchise only has a mere six instalments. It's what makes it so beloved; that restraint to not choke the market means the 11 year wait between DMC 4 and 5 was welcomed with open arms, but also means a ranking will comprise two generations' worth of gamers across almost 20 years.

Brilliantly though, as you're about to read, the series' overall bar of quality is sky high, only let down by one dud and a notably off-kilter experiment. It's still a franchise you should more than invest in today (and I recommend the anime series alongside), but for now... let's rock, baby.*


*I had to.

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