Ranking Every Naughty Dog Game From Worst To Best

The Last of Us vs. Crash vs. Uncharted vs. Jak & Daxter vs....

Naughty Dog Games
Naughty Dog

Of all the video game studios to grace this planet in the last 30 years (when gaming really took off, escaping the arcades and setting up shop in our living rooms and bedrooms), Naughty Dog are one of the most fascinating.

Starting off with a far more immature, "radical, bro" image, they quickly matured into designing RPGs (whilst retaining some self-aware humour), only for Crash Bandicoot to randomly get noticed by Sony, catapulting them into the eyes of the world. Thankfully, they handled the exposure and fame with relative ease, outdoing themselves at every turn and releasing subsequently phenomenal games one after another.

From Crash to Jak & Daxter, Uncharted to The Last of Us, how many other creatives can you point to that really wear their influences on their sleeve; that really take the requisite time to perfect each release?

Naughty Dog are pretty unique in that regard. Sony know they're worth it, and with such praiseworthy stature in mainstream and critical circles, every release is a labour of love, exemplifying why many of our all-time favourites come from their studios.

All that said, which Naughty Dog game is the absolute best, and what - if any - are their worst?

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