Ranking Every PlayStation Classic Game From Worst To Best

It's nostalgia in a box, but which game has stood the test of time?


The PlayStation Classic's lineup has just been announced, and at best can be described as a mixed bag.

Everyone's top 20 games of the original PlayStation era will differ slightly, and with Crash's N. Sane Trilogy hitting consoles recently and Spyro: Reignited set to launch in November, it's understandable why those two console mascots haven't made the cut. Excusing the biggest seller on the system (the brilliant and revolutionary Gran Turismo) as well as beloved classics like Medal Of Honor and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a little harder though.

Again, fans could debate all day about the perfect 20. The fact is, the actual list has served up some absolute gems from one of gaming's best ever consoles, as well as some lesser known darlings that deserve to find a huge audience.

Since all of these games have fairly dated graphics by today's standards, this won't be held against them too harshly. Instead, factors like gameplay itself (obviously), alongside their legacy, influence and how they stack up to games that are absent have all been used to determine which game tops the lot.


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