Ranking EVERY Wolfenstein Game From Worst To Best

Turns out that shooting Nazis has been fun for almost 40 years now.

Wolfenstein franchise

Since the dawn of gaming, two things have always been sure to happen: A new console every five or so years, with a new Wolfenstein not far behind.

For almost forty years now, Wolfenstein has graced every platform known to man, and much like DOOM and Tetris, you can play Wolfenstein 3D on just about anything. But over the years, the series has been through a few reinventions and a fair share of ups and downs, to say the least.

Also jumping a fair few times from developers and publisher, this series has maintained that killing Nazis is still a fun time - you just need to get a little creative along the way.

From the early Apple 2 days, all the way up until the rebooted Machine Games sequels, there have been a fair few releases, but where do they rank amongst each other?

Time to find out.


Let us know down in the comments how you'd rank the franchise; which ones we got right and wrong, plus your own number one.

12. Castle Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein franchise
Muse Software

Coming nearly a decade before Wolfenstein 3D revolutionised an entirely new genre of play, this is where it all started for the series. Launching on the Apple 2, Castle Wolfenstein didn’t play how you’d expect now, as at the time there was no way you'd get anything to run a first-person shooter - they hadn't been invented yet.

Played from the top down, players had to find a way out of Castle Wolfenstein for the first time - this involved searching for enemies and other items to progress, and even the ability to disguise yourself as a Nazi. Something that at the time, was quite groundbreaking.

Either going in gung-ho or trying their hand at a more stealthy approach, this first in the series had a lot to offer.

Also, the Nazis themselves sounded terrifying.


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