RAYMAN ORIGINS: 10 Ways to Beat the Game

Yet another new trailer for the upcoming Rayman Origins.

So far we have had 10 Ways to get around, and more recently 10 Ways to Die, so the folks at Ubisoft have seen fit to let us know that its possible for us to win at their upcoming game with this nifty trailer. http://youtu.be/xV6BgBl9tmc So as you can see, as well as your standard lums you have coins, time trials, freeing captives, finding secrets and more all in a gloriously colourful fashion. In short it looks like Rayman Origins is going to be one of those games that may be reasonably accessible to play, but getting that often coverted 100% might be more of a challenge than initially meets the eye. This should not be much of a surprise to Rayman vets though. Rayman Origins comes to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, on November 15 in North America, and November 25 in the UK.

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