Rayman Origins Sequel in the Works?

Even after poor sales a Rayman Origins sequel may be in development.

A sequel to one of the best reviewed games of last year may be on the way. Rayman Origins was a huge critical success story of 2011 but also had one of the worst release dates as well. The game came out in November and was trounced sales wise and nobody expected the game to get a sequel. However, some pictures (above and below) from a Ubisoft survey may indicate a sequel is in the works for Rayman Origins. The survey was conducted by a marketing firm called Arkenford, who Ubisoft uses regularly. I have posted a couple of the images that a person who took the survey was nice enough to upload. In one of the images you can clearly see Rayman and in the other image it actually talks about the sequel to Rayman origins already being in the works. Now I can€™t say this is confirmed because again this was a survey for a marketing firm where they test the marketability of things. Meaning that just because they say the game is in development it may not be a truthful statement; it may just be a tool to get more data on why Rayman Origins sold so poorly. In addition, I don€™t think there is any chance Ubisoft will make a statement on these images, so we will unfortunately have to wait until Ubisoft is willing to admit they are working on a sequel but that could be a while. However, I will say this gives me hope that Ubisoft is at least considering a sequel, and considering how poorly the first game sold that is something very positive to say the least.

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