Red Dead Online: 10 MAJOR Problems Rockstar Must Fix

9. Defensive Mode

Red Dead Online Moonshiner

The defensive mode is Rockstar's answer for people looking to fully immerse themself in Red Dead Online without the hindrance of hostile players.

It is unfortunate for those using defensive mode though... because it doesn't work.

The idea behind defensive mode is similar to how it works in GTA Online, where a player character becomes immortal to fellow gamers, but can still combat NPCs. There are two ways of entering the defensive mode, accessing it through the menus or by entering parley with someone who has killed you. Parley works slightly differently as it only makes you invincible to that individual.

In theory, this is a great solution to the toxic online tendencies of some gamers. The problem is simply that it is still possible to be killed by explosions.

Over the years, Rockstar has showered gamers with explosive rewards from dynamite to explosive ammo. Many long term players have an almost limitless supply of these explosives, making fresh defensive people an easy target.

This mode is crucial to many fans' enjoyment of the game and needs to be fixed.


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