Red Dead Online: 10 MAJOR Problems Rockstar Must Fix

8. Animal Spawns

Red Dead Online Moonshiner

One rather damning aspect of Red Dead Online that has plagued servers from the beginning is the animal spawn rate.

During the campaign, Arthur can barely move before having a rabbit or bird run into the side of his horse. In online, however, many of the servers lie a barren wasteland devoid of any critters or creatures.

This problem had been slightly improved following a disastrous few weeks of random piles of dead horses pilling up outside of Valentine. Previously glitches such as the horse piles and dozens of destroyed boats appearing in Saint Denis meant that there wasn't enough server space to spawn all of the animals.

With those nightmares being a thing of the past, it is a shame to see the life hasn't quite been injected back into Red Dead Online's open world.

Not all servers share this issue as a quick change usually sees plenty of wolves ready to attack you in no time.


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