Red Dead Online: 10 Major Updates It DESPERATELY Needs

How is there an online cowboy game with no duelling?


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece and anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.

A sprawling tale of epic proportions in a world that just seemed to never end, Rockstar delivered, as they always do, a game that upped the bar for everyone else. Then a few weeks later the online beta arrived and the overall consensus is that it's been... okay. Not earth shattering, not mind blowing. Just... okay.

Now considering that Rockstar are one of the biggest and best publishers on the block there are certain standards that are expected of them, standards that have yet to be achieved in Red Dead Online.

Outside of a short story mode, something they have said will be expanded on in the future, there's just a handful of stranger missions spread out across the map and they become very repetitive very quickly. Overall, there is very little to do, unless you really, really like hunting.

It has been a slow start and next to Rockstar's other behemoth, GTA Online, there really is no comparison, but with time and regular input Red Dead could quite happily catch up with the bigger brother - if not surpass it.


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