Red Dead Online: 10 Tips For Levelling Up & Getting Rich Fast

Rockstar provide WAY more money-making options than you realise.


To say Red Dead Online's initial launch was lacklustre would be an understatement.

While it was brilliant in many ways, there just wasn't that much to do once you had completed the online story. As you would expect, this caused some gripes for many players as it became almost impossible to level up without spending hours chipping away at the game.

Now though, we have the Frontier Pursuits update, which was released back in September. This new update allows the player to become either a Bounty Hunter, a Trader, or a Collector, with each of these roles coming packed with various missions and rewards that are centred around the specific role you choose.

However, carrying out these jobs on a day-to-day basis still won't be enough for you to become rich and level up as quick as you may like.

Prior to this update launching to the public, there were already numerous ways to earn that extra bit of money and XP, even if they were tedious at the best of times. Sure, they may pay out less than a dollar at times, but all that dosh adds up as time goes by. With the in-game prices for near enough every single item being at an extortionately high price, every cent counts when it comes to Red Dead Online.

So, just how can players level up quicker and become the richest guy/gal in the west?


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