Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits - Everything You Need To Know

Red Dead Online has had a substantial upgrade.


Whilst Red Dead Online (RDO) had a rocky and lacklustre initial launch, Rockstar have made strides toward improving this service in hopes of providing a Wild West that can share the same stage as their unfathomably successful GTA Online.

We’ve seen numerous tweaks and patches made to RDO since it launched in November 2018, but this latest update takes the online experience to a whole new level. Could this potentially be RDO’s equivalent of the Heists update on GTA Online?

With the Frontier Pursuits update, Rockstar have introduced three new character specialties- Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector. These award the player with new gameplay mechanics, missions and rewards catered to their chosen specialty, in a similar fashion as the biker gang leader or CEO builds in GTA Online. Much like with GTA, RDO players can choose one of these specialties, or focus their character on all three.

Alongside the three specialties, Rockstar have also patched in some new items, features, abilities and economy tweaks that will come as a welcome addition to players. In this article, we’ll review the Frontier Pursuits update, its various new features and how these changes will affect the gameplay experience for players, old and new.


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