Red Dead Online: 7 Reasons You Should Give It Another Chance

7. It Has A Storyline

Rockstar Games

One great reason to give RDO a try is its story. For those gamers who have finished the campaign and still strive for more of this world’s lore, playing online actually may help scratch that itch. Unlike Grand Theft Auto which offered a quick introduction then sent the player on their merry way, RDO introduces the player into an interesting and mysterious story. This gives their character a sense of purpose for existing in this world.

WARNING: Minor, very early game spoiler in next paragraph. Skip to bottom paragraph to avoid.

The game opens with the player character being broken out of prison, after being falsely accused of murdering the husband of a powerful woman. This woman is aware of the player character’s innocence and offers them the opportunity for revenge by helping her take down a group of four men she believes to be responsible. As the world opens up, the player can pick and choose these story-based missions at their leisure.

The addition of a story was something noticeably missing from GTA Online. It creates an opportunity for those typically inclined to play single-player to give RDO a chance and satisfy their need to explore this world and its stories farther.


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