Red Dead Online DLC - 9 Things Undead Nightmare Must Include

Think of Left 4 Dead, but with WAY more cowboys.


The virtual Frontier of Red Dead Online's Old West is a vast and expansive playground. And yet, since moving out of beta in May of this year, there’s still something to be desired in the content department, especially compared with its record-breaking predecessor, Grand Theft Auto V.

To be fair though, GTA Online was in a similar position upon its rather turbulent public debut, but it's now a hub of unique and deep content.

The difference is that now people have seen what Rockstar can provide to its ravenous fanbase in terms of playable online options, and while people were patient while GTA found its footing, players are eager to rob banks and hunt outlaws in this new environment.

The Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead Redemption was a breath of fresh air, and being non-canon meant Rockstar had room for more creative and “zany” ideas.

While they maintain that RDR2 will receive no single-player DLC, an Undead Nightmare update could be made available for online Players. Today, I take a look at what we could expect to see from this potential content.


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