Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Characters We Need To See

That weird Satan stand-in HAS to make a return.


As one of Rockstar’s many classics, Red Dead Redemption provided a fantastic representation of the Old West and an emotional cinematic experience that made it a critical and commercial success.

When the second game was announced as a prequel, set before the events of the original and perhaps shedding light on events that occurred, there was much speculation about who (if anyone) would pop up years before John left his life of crime to focus on raising his son and being a husband.

As much as it will be a thrill to get introduced to a new cast and with all signs pointing to Arthur Morgan being the new playable character, trailers show he holds a connection to Dutch Van Der Linde, meaning he could be associated with any number of familiar faces from the past.

With so many weird and wonderful faces available, here's hoping Rockstar find a way to add to their universe by fleshing out many of our favourite characters.

A word of warning, there are spoilers for Red Dead Redemption from here on in.


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