Red Dead Redemption 2: Ranking Every Weapon From Worst To Best

26. Varmint Rifle

Rockstar Games

A rifle that, as its name suggests, is designed for the hunting of small animals, is every bit as ineffective in combat as you'd think.

While yes, like any gun a clean headshot will kill an enemy, the varmint rifle lacks that certain punch that most other long weapons in the game have. Dealing less damage than most sidearms, the Varmint Rifle will (discounting headshots and executions) require a good three or four shots to finish off an enemy.

Couple the unsatisfying weightlessness of this rifle and its aptly wimpy-sounding pump mechanism, and the Varmint Rifle should always be at the bottom of your list when you're looking for a longarm on anything bigger than a pesky raccoon.


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