Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Breakdown: 14 Things You Need To See

Prequel confirmed.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Morgan

In typically grandiose fashion, Rockstar Games has dropped the second trailer for their hugely anticipated upcoming western action game, Red Dead Redemption II.

While the trailer may disappoint some by running just 89 seconds in length and being relatively light on concrete information about the game, it does at least confirm that RDR2 will be a prequel, revolving around a totally new protagonist, but a familiar setting and supporting characters.

As for whether or not John Marston will show up?

Well, there's no sign of him yet, but that doesn't mean anything. Don't be surprised if his presence is downplayed until he makes a surprise appearance during a mission.

What's clear from this brief new glimpse, though, is that it looks set to be another instant Rockstar classic, and that's really all that matters. While we might be waiting a little while longer for a full close-up look at the game, for now this trailer does just enough to whet the appetite...


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