Red Dead Redemption 2: What Happened To Every Character

Who's still alive, and who will we never see again?


As one of the most detailed and downright impressive digital creations ever put to code, the staggering amount of things to see, do and interact with across Red Dead Redemption 2 is something else entirely.

At this stage, its placement in gaming history is legend. 2018's award season had it and God of War go toe to toe across any number of outlets, and for every "best action" award God of War hoovered up, Red Dead took everything else. Best story, script, characters, acting performances etc. - Rockstar have pulled off the Herculean task of writing a 50-70 hour epic where every single individual is memorable, worth dissecting and championing.

The recording processes to bring the following cast to life apparently took years' worth of each actor's time, but the end result is literally a digital world of people for us to talk to.

All that said, as the story wraps up, Red Dead 2's bodycount starts to pile up. Hardly anyone makes it out alive, and even for those that do, you'll have to delve pretty deep into surrounding conversations to find where they end up.


Note: Full spoilers will follow.


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