Red Dead Redemption: 5 Characters John Marston Should Have Killed

4. Herbert Moon


Okay, I will start with a technicality as you can kill the racist general store clerk, it is just the fact that he will reappear within minutes that lets the notion down. Found in Armadillo, Herbert Moon is simply a vile man, spouting ignorance and intolerance when you enter his store. Herbert also poses several conspiracy theories when you meet him in Undead Nightmare stating that, €œThe railroad company is just a front for the Jews€ and that, €œThe Jews killed Lincoln. That's why there is a triangle on the money.€ His pride and arrogance established his catch phrase, €œI€™m Herbert Moon!€ abundant every time he is attacked or robbed; something that was frequent when I had some spare time in Armadillo. Thankfully in Undead Nightmare he falls victim to three zombies whilst John looks on, unwilling to help. Following this, zombie Herbert Moon will rise giving our protagonist the chance to kill him in this form at least. Just tell me how you couldn€™t shoot a man who states: €œI don't like Jews. Or colored folk. Or natives, now that you mention it... I bet you like Catholics. Can't stand them either. Nor women, Fabians, Socialists, homosexuals, Asians, or British.€ ...well worth the bounty
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