Resident Evil: 10 Most Disturbing Things Wesker Has Ever Done

Don't trust the sunglasses, this guy isn't as cool as he seems.


Albert Wesker is one of those villains that you just can't help but love. Despite the fact the man looks like some sort of sorry rejection from the worst of the Matrix films, you can't help but admit that he just exudes style. It also doesn't help that his voice is like none other when it comes to villains, exuding just the right amount of passion and large scale ham acting to work. You can thank D.C Douglas for that.

All this said, it's hard to remember that the man is actually a bit of a monster.

Whether he's casually killing all of his friends and colleagues, or declaring himself a bona fide God, Albert Wesker is not a man to be trusted.

It is astounding the amount of casual horrors he has committed in his long tenure as Resident Evil's number one bad guy, and without spoiling too much, lets just say he doesn't exactly get better as the series goes on.

So what better way to celebrate one of gaming's all time greatest villains than by listing everything that in real life would make him public enemy no.1


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