Resident Evil: 10 TERRIFYING Secrets & Easter Eggs You Need To See

Time for survival horror to get a lot scarier.


Name another series that is as influential to the survival horror genre as Resident Evil*

Resident Evil has always been at the forefront of the genre and for good reason; it's bloody terrifying. The plots are filled with zombie horror deliciousness that actually makes the monsters scary, and doesn't treat them like the canon fodder most zombie related media seems to do these days. Gameplay is slow yet intense, requiring careful planning and good management to keep yourself ahead - or just flailing and panicking of course, whatever you decide in the moment.

But what about all of the things most players don't see? The Easter eggs that hide in the shadows and yet contain just as many scares as the mainline game play.

Whether it's as simple as shooting the wrong place at the wrong time, or as complex as an off camera hack, these Resident Evil Easter eggs have been some of the scariest examples of survival horror since the games first graced the PS1.

*Okay, sure, but Silent Hill doesn't count since Konami officially decided they wanted to be the most hated company in all of gaming.

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