Resident Evil 2: 11 Insanely Cool Secrets & Easter Eggs You Need To See

10. Herbs Are Expensive

Resident Evil Jill Sandwich

In the event of an apocalyptic scenario, medical supplies are always the first resource to go. It's the logical explanation as to why first aid sprays are the rarest commodity to be found in Resident Evil games. But herbs? They're a cheap and abundant resource...right? Y

Well, you couldn't be more wrong, at least not if a particular note left by a disgruntled someone is anything to go by.

The next time you finish a playthrough, take a moment to read the green post-it note adorning the end results screen. It reads:

"To whoever keeps doing it - could you PLEASE stop eating the office greenery. I don't care if you say they make you feel better, those herbs cost MONEY."

Trust us, random stranger, they most certainly do confer health benefits. Every Resident Evil hero would be pushing daisies right now if they didn't.

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