Resident Evil 2 HUNK: 9 Tips & Tricks For A Perfect Run

Every bullet counts for this 4th survivor.


More than two decades following their original daring escape from Raccoon City, tag-team heroes Claire and Leon have once again fought off fashion-conscious Tyrants, skinless beasts and a biologically unstable mad scientist in search of safety.

But, lest we forget, they're but two of four brave souls to have conquered Capcom's meticulous recreation of Raccoon City. Sherry, like before, survives her parents' grim legacy thanks to a helping hand from Claire, but HUNK?

He's on his own.

The sole remaining survivor of Umbrella's task force is still alive and kicking down in the sewers below Raccoon City, but there's one hell of a gruesome gauntlet standing between him and extraction. As it has with much of the remake, Capcom has remained true to the original's roots by having HUNK's escape be a tough-as-nails time attack that punishes even the smallest of mistakes.

Efficiency, both in terms of route planning and resource management, is the name of the game here and just one missed shot or misused grenade can spell lights out. Whether it's the labyrinthine layout of RCPD, repeated Licker lashings or simply the struggle to conserve ammo that's got you beat, fear not. We've got some killer tips and tricks to help see you through.


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