Resident Evil 3: 10 Major CHANGES From The Original

Capcom are really going all-out.


If you've played the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the word "STARS!" evokes a very special feeling. It's like nostalgia, but very much based in absolute terror.

In April, gamers across the world will get to face that terror once again when Capcom release their modern remake of RE3. There are high hopes for this remake after the incredible job that was done on the Resident Evil 2 remake last year. The story was streamlined and tightened. The characters were modernised, and their dialogue made approximately five hundred and seventeen percent less cheesy.

Some of the more ridiculous enemies were removed from areas, and that allowed for those that were left in to be made more unique and set up in more interesting gameplay combinations.

Some very small features were added, all of which gave more tactical options to the player. It was genuinely astounding to see what a good job they'd done making this decades old game seem fresh again.

Much like its predecessor, the Nemesis remake won't be a direct copy of a 21 year-old game.

Instead, there are some pretty sizeable shakeups you need to know about.


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